The contribution of Beirut's Roman law school to the development of Roman law

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Prof. Haïssam Fadlallah


Roman law is the culmination of ten centuries of continual legal science creation. Indeed, nearly a millennium passed between the law of the twelve tables and Justinian's codifications. The importance of learning Roman law originates from its rediscovery in the Middle Ages, which restored civilization to the western world. It is worthwhile to mention that Beirut's law school was one of the Roman Empire's official schools. This begs the question of how Beirut's law school impacted Roman law, and therefore modern civilization. We discovered that Beirut's school provided legal science with three generations of great law professors who significantly contributed to the creation of Roman law through their works. The study suggests that law historians investigate the impact of pre-Islamic civilizations in the Arabian world on Roman law.

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Fadlallah, H. (2023). The contribution of Beirut’s Roman law school to the development of Roman law. Arab Researcher, 4(2), 1–25.