Plagiarism is a very serious academic offence, and it is strictly prohibited at AR.
1. AR Journal has a zero-tolerance policy toward plagiarism.
2. AR Journal does not allow Similarity Index to exceed beyond 19% overall and 4% from a single source.
3. All Authors must submit the Originality Declaration Form.

Guidelines on how to avoid Plagiarism

Following are some of the important points that should be borne in mind while turning in the research article for publication in the AR Journal:
• Avoid “taking and using the thoughts, writings, and inventions of another person as one’s own.”
• Always give proper credit to the person whose work is being consulted or quoted.
• Do not use published/unpublished work without referencing.
• Must never collaborate with any other person when the work is supposed to be individual.
• Avoid the use of unacknowledged material published on the web.
• Do not copy someone else’s results.
• Do not use one’s own published work (self-plagiarism).

AR Journal Editorial Board reserves the right to reject any paper that does not abide by the plagiarism policy and guidelines elaborated here.