The Magazine's Plagiarism Program


First: Definition of Plagiarism : is the process of quoting specific information from a doctoal thesis, master's thesis, book, or a research paper whether fully or partially with reference to the author.

Second: (15%) of the scientific citation from the total university theses and dissertations is accepted, including no more than (5%) for one source (the first source).


Third: (20%) of the scientific citation is acceptable for scientific research papers that will be published in our journal or any other journal including no more than (5%) for a single source (the first source). These percentages are applied to all scientific research papers.


Fourth: Any scientific work (including research papers, theses and university dissertations) that is required to be checked must be submitted in a hard copy or a soft (electronic) copy saved on a CD or sent through e-mail.


Fifth: No plagiarism report is considered valid unless it is signed and sealed by the director who is in charge of the plagiarism detecting program.


Sixth: Plagiarism reports from outside Arab Researcher Journal are not accepted for those papers published in it. Any paper must be checked by turnitin.


Seventh: Plagiarism reports are valid for (6) months after the date of issuing them to their authors. Otherwise, reports are expired and cannot be accepted.