The Principle of Citizenship Is a Guarantee to Promote Coexistence

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Prof. Sahar Mohammed Najib
Prof. Dr. Saleh Hussein Ali Al-Abdullah


Citizenship that is cornerstone of rights enjoyment, so it is became important to study rights and citizenship duties in 2005 Constitution in force, and quotas seriousness and components state on Iraq unity and its people after people life difficult and difficult circumstances.

Peaceful co-existence is one of first steps of Iraqi building society and restoring it to a stability state and balance after stage of Anglo-American occupation. That, it was followed by a gang stage urging constitutional translation texts into: ordinary legislation to applied by bodies of administrative to build a citizenship state that been preserves society's social fabric based on equality, and equality of opportunity, denying principle of equality in general and disregard for rights of citizenship opens door to sectarian strife and prevents peaceful coexistence achievement and civil wars.

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Mohammed Najib, S., & Hussein Ali Al-Abdullah, S. (2023). The Principle of Citizenship Is a Guarantee to Promote Coexistence. Arab Researcher, 4(3), 93–110.