In this context, the journal is pleased to receive specialized scientific papers dealing with some dimensions related to the subject of the issue, including, but not limited to:

  • The International Court of Justice and the Question of Palestine: Previous Decisions between Texts and Enforcement.
  • The concept of genocide in the light of international humanitarian law.
  • Aspects of genocide as mentioned in General Assembly resolution 260 of 1947 and subsequent resolutions: from physical extermination, deportation and ethnic cleansing to the extermination of place, scene, space and memory.
  • South Africa's Genocide Claim in the Gaza War and Israeli Responses to it: A Legal Reading.
  • The Gaza Genocide and Past World Experiences: A Comparative Legal and Political Framework.
  • Zionism and the genocide of the Palestinian people from the Balfour Declaration of 1917 to the Israeli Nation-State Law of 2018.
  • Adapting Israeli Law to Justify Genocide: A Reading of Israeli Laws.
  • Zionism and the genocide of the Palestinian people between the Nakba of 1948, the setback of 1967, the successive wars on Gaza since 2006, and the position of international law towards it.
  • The War on Gaza 2023-2024: The Path, Stages, and a Legal Reading of the Resolutions of United Nations Organizations and Bodies Regarding it.
  • The positions of America and the West on the war on Gaza and its legal justifications.
  • Israeli Academic Legal Theses on the Inapplicability of the Concept and Practices of Genocide to the Israeli War on Gaza: Analysis and Criticism.

A financial reward of USD 300 is granted for each research that passes the scientific hesitation program of 20% or less and the research is approved by two referees in the journal.

Research papers including CV and passport copy should be sent to the journal's e-mail or apply directly on the journal's website.

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